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I have listed a new property at East Barriere Lake, Barriere Ridge Resort in Barriere.

Reon Management has designed this lake shore development to ensure that the property retains the existing serene and peaceful residential outdoor setting.

East Barriere Lake is 7.5 miles long and is well known for its deep, clear and warm waters and it's opportunities for recreation.

Barriere Ridge Resort includes some of the last affordable waterfront properties left in the interior of British Columbia. Imagine you and your family and friends relaxing and enjoying the quality of life that is available on each of the sites with their southern exposure views of pristine East Barriere Lake.  Imagine experiencing the sun rise through the mist at the east end of the lake and, after a full day of enjoying the many activities the lake and it's wilderness surroundings has to offer, watching that sun set in the evening to the west, falling slowly and dramatically behind the inky mountain backdrop.

This is a place where you and your family can swim, boat and canoe, fish, water ski, hike, explore and bike in the summer. This is where you can all enjoy cross-country skiing, snow-shoeing and snow-mobiling  in the winter.
Towering evergreens of fir and cedar border trails and old logging roads that wind their way through groves of aspen, birch, alder and willow. 

Trails exist all around the lake. Other trails and roads provide hours of exploring enjoyment into the back country. Here your dream of your own lakefront cabin, your home for a multitude of sport, vacation, retirement and leisure lifestyles, is easily obtainable. Barriere Ridge Resort is the perfect place to begin and end each and every day in the interior of Super Natural British Columbia.

Barriere Ridge Resort residents enjoy unique access to over 26 kilometres of lakeshore affording a variety of recreational opportunities. East Barriere Lake is an attractive, safe, and friendly place to live and visit. Water temperatures have reached over 27ºC (80ºF) in the past, and the long recreational season makes it ideal for summer retreats. A retreat at Barriere Ridge Resort means long-term enjoyment and satisfaction. Our goal is to provide you with the quality of life you expect to experience while living in a waterfront community.

Come on out to the lake and share our satisfaction and pride in a well-planned lakefront community in an enviable setting. You will soon be captured by the spirit and aura of Barriere Ridge Resort. We can give you as much information as you need and if there is something we haven't covered for you, call directly  to Bob Simpson at 250-372-0848.

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